Brand new shiny Suzuki day

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Re: Brand new shiny Suzuki day

Post by Taipan »

Bike crashes tend to leave me one of two ways and i'm never sure which is worse. First scenario is bike is smashed up/beyond repair and i'm broken a bit but i'll mend. This one leaves me thinking fuck the bike i'm lucky to be here. Second scenario is like yours where you end up with an overwhelming sense of annoyance at your self and the minor damage you've caused that could have easil been avoided. As I said, i'm never sure which is worse tbh? But the overriding conclusion and old adage is any crash you walk away from is good and if the bike is serviceable, even better...
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Re: Brand new shiny Suzuki day

Post by Bustaspoke »

Seeing as it's been pouring down AGAIN this morning I decided to commence with the tope yoke conversion.
I did the same conversion to my Gen 2 bike last year & I knew it would be 'awkward',so far it's proving more of a PITA than it was on the Gen 2 bike.
The main problem is getting access to the ignition switch connector,the cable is the one wrapped with some blue tape on this image just in front of the headstock,I think it goes to a cross tube above the front cylinder head..

The next issue is that when I get the cable disconnected I still have to remove the switch from the top yoke,on the Gen 2 bike the ignition switch mounting bolts are threadlocked,you just heat them up & remove,but on the Gen 3 bike it looks like the switch is secured with some kind of sheer bolt :wtf: ,any ideas on how to remove the ignition switch?

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Re: Brand new shiny Suzuki day

Post by kendo57 »

We used to drill them out with a left hand drill on cars. Sheer bolts usually sheer at a fairly low torque so not
too tight. Might be worth tapping with a punch first to see if they move.
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Re: Brand new shiny Suzuki day

Post by Ditchfinder »

The ones on my Triumph came out easy after 20 odd years. Small pilot hole then one of those screw extractor bits.
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