Any osteopaths / physiology people out there?

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Any osteopaths / physiology people out there?

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I was looking back through my posts last night trying to find something. But I noticed a lot of them refer to uncomfortable bike saddles and uncomfortable motorcycle seats.
So post the Wales trip and the cold light of day I can see it is not the bike / motorcycle that is a fault (because they are all uncomfortable) but me!
I have a strange posture with scoliosis brought on by breaking a collar bone when I was 13. And my pain is always that side.
I am after advice on how to address this - it was never so bad until I hit my mid 50s - and oddly when I got fitter than I was.

Does anyone have a potential solution - my wife suggests yoga ! Anything else
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Re: Any osteopaths / physiology people out there?

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My son's a physiotherapist but he usually suggests giving up what ever is causing you pain 😕
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Re: Any osteopaths / physiology people out there?

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I've seen a lot of physios, a couple of osteos and before I came out here a guy that is a bit odd, but bloody brilliant (does PDTr - Propriatic Deep Tendon reflex - or something like that)

I've found that almost all of them treat where the pain IS. Not find out what is causing it. Obviously, as a business model it is better to treat what is hurting cos they know it will keep coming back to hurting again!

The PDTr guy is on the edge or Reading. He started off doing Kineseology (no idea how to spell that!) and moved further and further into brain patterns from pain/injury and how to fix them (what I've read about what he does, and some other views, the brain bypasses an area that is hurt/injured/in pain and this bypassing causes compensation elsewhere that causes damage/pain in yet further areas). What he tries to do is find out what is the reason for the pain and where that reason is. Then he can try and fix that to help the brain stop 'bypassing' the area that originally hurt.

I'm fully aware that that sounds very yoghurt weavy, so no offence will be taken when it's dismissed! LOL But if you can cope with a trip to Reading, I'll happily send you the FB page (or website if I can find it) and his contact details.

In my experience the trick is to find a physio/osteo whatever that will look at the wider picture, will treat the pain but look for the actual reason for it.

Back last summer after the plate came out of my leg, I had a fair bit of pain in my lower right leg and asked the replacement physio to look at it for me (I was pretty sure it was to do with tightness in my left leg meaning I was compensating and not walking properly, so that needed treating to solve the right leg probs) - sadly she is a very traditional physio used to 'simple' issues, not people that have been a lot damaged over a lot of years!! She would only treat the area that hurt. So I gave up with that and stopped mentioning it :roll:

My normal physio does treat the painful area but also looks for areas outside that that could be causing the acute pain. Those are the sorts of physios you should try and find.

It's good to have an idea of the cause, but also be aware that if the break/following scoliosis happened at 13 and everything is worse since you got fitter, I'd suggest that your whole stance has compensated for the injury/scoliosis - as you got fitter, your body needed to change how it 'stands/moves' with the fitness and so that triggered the other issues.

And, take all this with a bucket of salt - I've been lucky to have some excellent physios and some average ones. I'm really lucky now that my main one is awesome - as was the guy in Reading.

But you do have to find the 'right' therapist - and that can be something of a challenge I think
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