Brake Fluid??

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Brake Fluid??

Post by Yorick »

Just wondering how much brake fluid will be in the front brake system on the GSXR1000?

Want to flush it with Dot 5.1 but when will I know it's all been flushed through?

I expect the ABS system will hold a lot and it's located under the seat.

Ta :)
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Re: Brake Fluid??

Post by katana »

Old fluid can be a darker colour.
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Re: Brake Fluid??

Post by Tricky »

A 500ml bottle will more than cover it-I'm probably stating the obvious here, but if you really do want to do a proper job, take the calipers off and empty them out before you start refilling and bleeding.
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Re: Brake Fluid??

Post by Mr Nozzle »

My wife accused me of being addicted to drinking brake fluid, I told her I could stop anytime!