What's your tipple currently ?

Anything from pizza to pasta, from steak to cake.
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Re: What's your tipple currently ?

Post by Hairybiker84 »

Bottled this last week, had one last night - not bad, give it another week or so and it could be very good!
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Re: What's your tipple currently ?

Post by MingtheMerciless »

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This is glorious and gluten free!
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Re: What's your tipple currently ?

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Re: What's your tipple currently ?

Post by the_priest »

Waiting for my friend to come over so that we can drink some of this together. Got to organise a good meal and a sleep over!

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Re: What's your tipple currently ?

Post by gremlin »

Bought my friend a bottle of this for his birthday:

Along with two nice Dartington crystal glasses which a mate engraved for me.

We got stuck into the bottle and it was very agreeable with ice and a slice of orange peel.
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