WTF, was it really that big ?

What non motorbike related things are you doing, making, building, planning or designing
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Re: WTF, was it really that big ?

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Druid wrote: Thu Jan 13, 2022 7:39 pm The first toolbox I bought was one of those metal cantilever things, about 45 years ago. I still have it, under a pile of other stuff at the back of the garage. There are some AF spanners and a worn out Phillips screwdriver in it, I have no idea why I still have either the toolbox or the tools :)
Ditto. I bought it in 1971 when I began serving my time,it's still a nasty,finger nipping bastard of a thing. :lol:

I only had my bike a couple of days and it popped open and put a scrape down the side. :evil:
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Re: WTF, was it really that big ?

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I had a cantilever jobby for donkey's years. It's all wall mounted now.
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Re: WTF, was it really that big ?

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I inherited 3 or 4 cantilever boxes from my FiL along with a shit load of Whitworth and Imperial spanners. Most of the Imperial stuff is manually etched with stuff like "5 SQN", "Binbrook" and "Check C". My FiL was one of the people who helped close down RAF Binbrook :D
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Re: WTF, was it really that big ?

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My cantilever one was a Xmas present from my Grandparents in the mid 80s, it's still going strong, I use it to take tools to trackdays, the Stan Stephens stickers on it are from 1990.