Failing the 'attitude test'

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Failing the 'attitude test'

Post by Horse »

A motorway policeman has taken to Twitter to tell of his stories on patrol on the M62, including how a driver got his comeuppance for ignoring a red X on the motorway. PC Martin Willis, who goes under the Twitter name Motorway Martin was attending a breakdown on the motorway and had placed his car under the Red X.

Video from his vehicle shows a car driving along the closed lane. In a tweet, PC Martin writes that the car drove under the Red X and the driver stuck his finger up at him.

PC Willis then adds that he later attended the driver’s home and was reported for failing to comply with a lane closure. Further investigation also suggested he wasn’t insured.

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Re: Failing the 'attitude test'

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I swear some people get their licences from a cornflake packet.

Some people claim some things have been introduced after their test moons ago (not that I think that's a huge excuse, highway code and all that), but lane closures Xs have been around for yonks.
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Re: Failing the 'attitude test'

Post by Druid »

Some people just don't give a fuck.

The driver will get a fine which he'll pay at £1 a week for a couple of weeks and then just not bother. He'll probably get a ban for the insurance which he'll ignore